# Benvingudes a ReFi Barcelona 🌱 ¤.°¸¸°.¤ ¤.°¸¸°.¤ ¤.°¸¸°.¤ ¤.°¸¸°.¤ ¤.°¸¸°.¤ ¤.°¸¸°.¤ ¤.°¸¸°.¤ ¤.°¸¸°.¤ **Our aim is to build bridges.** To facilitate and mediate connections and action that can drive the transformative change we want to see. We want to build bridges between *the ReFi movement and the local context of Barcelona* °°°·.¸.·°°° ¤ °°°·.¸.·°°° ¤ °°°·.¸.·°°° Between *the global and the local* °°°·.¸.·°°° ¤ °°°·.¸.·°°° ¤ °°°·.¸.·°°° *Finances and the regeneration of our environment and communities* °°°·.¸.·°°° ¤ °°°·.¸.·°°° ¤ °°°·.¸.·°°° ReFi BCN aims to illuminate and explore these areas and connection opportunities. ¤.°¸¸°.¤ ¤.°¸¸°.¤ ¤.°¸¸°.¤ ¤.°¸¸°.¤ ¤.°¸¸°.¤ ¤.°¸¸°.¤ ¤.°¸¸°.¤ ¤.°¸¸°.¤ > [!Tip] [[ReFi Unconference Barcelona]] > On April 20th to 25th ReFi Barcelona is hosting the [[ReFi Unconference Barcelona]] together with the Crypto Commons Association and the Trusted Seed. > > See more information and register here: https://commonseconomy.notion.site/ReFi-UNCONFERENCE-Barcelona-c184c3edc6ef462c9e64d49985d2b63e ## What is [[ReFi Barcelona|ReFi BCN]]? ReFi Barcelona is a collective working on bridging global movements and infrastructure - such as [[ReFi Ecosystem|ReFi]] (Regenerative Finance), CoFi (Collaborative Finance), Web3 and other decentralized and open technologies - with local groups and movements working in alignment and driving the ecosocial transition, assembled in the [[Ecosystem Map]]. Our mission is to pinpoint pivotal leverage points, connecting the local with the global, to create articulations between them and to foster the changes we want see, fostering connections between them. Learn more about [[ReFi Barcelona]]. ## ReFi DAO [[ReFi Barcelona]] is a local node of [[ReFi DAO]] - a global decentralized organization working on promoting and facilitating the development of the [[ReFi ecosystem]]. New to ReFi? Check out [[What is ReFi]]. Learn more about [[ReFi DAO]]. ## Ecosystem map We see information as the foundation for building any of these bridges. Being so, that's the layer we're tackling first - here and now -; in this very medium - the [[ReFi BCN Knowledge Base]]. We're compiling here an [[Ecosystem map]] highlighting the fields we want to explore with ReFi BCN. With this initiative we want to bring to light both the local thriving value-aligned movements of Barcelona, such as the cooperative, and global communities and tech-enablers, such as ReFi and Web3. These initiatives share common threads of aligning with the principles of Regenerative Finance ([[ReFi Ecosystem|ReFi]]). Here, we present a selection of initiatives we've encountered in Barcelona that have inspired us: 1. [[Local landscape - Barcelona and Catalonia]] - Barcelona, a vibrant hub of innovation and collaboration, presents a unique canvas for ReFi-aligned activities. We are diving into several key areas: - [[Cooperative Landscape and Social Economy in Barcelona and Catalonia]] - [[Barcelona and the Ecological Transition]] - [[Barcelona and Participatory Technology]] - [[Web3 with Roots and Connections in Barcelona and Catalonia]] - [[Barcelona and Degrowth]] - [[Related Educational and Academic Landscape of Barcelona]] - [[Spaces and Project Incubators]] - [[Public Institutions]] 2. [[Global Context - ReFi and Web3]] - [[ReFi Ecosystem]] - [[What is ReFi]] - [[The State of ReFi]] - [[ReFi DAO]] - [[Blockchain Ecosystems]] - [[Web3 Funding Mechanisms]] ## Get Involved Learn more about how you can contribute to or participate in ReFi Barcelona and the broader ReFi DAO. Your involvement can make a significant difference in leveraging finance for positive change. - Contribute to the Knowledge Base on [our GitHub Repo](https://github.com/luizfernandosg/ReFi-Barcelona/). - Support or join one of our **Events**: - Join us for the [[ReFi UNCONFERENCE Barcelona]] on April 20th to 25th at [[AKASHA Hub Barcelona]]! - Get in touch with us at [email protected]. ¤.°¸¸°.¤ ¤.°¸¸°.¤ ¤.°¸¸°.¤ ¤.°¸¸°.¤ ¤.°¸¸°.¤ ¤.°¸¸°.¤ ¤.°¸¸°.¤ ¤.°¸¸°.¤ --- *This page is part of the [[ReFi BCN Knowledge Base]]. Learn more about it and feel free to fork it to apply in your own context.* ---